Activity Bus Routes

Driver:  David Erskine
Bus:  249
Area:  From GNMS, everything on both sides of GN Road to/including Laurel Cove (Rec. Ct, Reserves, GN Circle, Mill Dam Rd)

Driver:  Crystal Campbell
Bus:  29
Area:  Everything turning right out of GNMS to Shore Dr, both ways to Lesner Bridge to Fort Story—(Adam Keeling, Bay Island, Marina Shores, Lynnhaven Colony both sides, Cape Henry)

Driver:  Cathy Thornwall
Bus: 464
Area:  Everything after Lesner Bridge-land side of Shore Dr. & (Landside of Ocean Park Rockbridge Rd, Dinwiddie Rd, Mystic Cove, Church Pt., First Court Rd, Hook Lane, HS. Oliver Rd, Sandpiper Cres., Lincoln)
Driver:  Patricia Crocker
Bus:  8
Area:  Everything after Lesner Bridge-Bay side of Shore Drive (Bayside of Ocean Parks-Surry Rd, Powathan Dr, Shady Oaks, Baylake Pines, Lookout Road, North Beach Condo’s, Chicks Beach, Shelton Circle)

Driver:  Cindy Altares
Bus:  136
Area:  From GNMS, everything on both sides of GN Rd after Laurel Cove & First Colonial Rd. (Trantwood, Regan Rd, VA Beach Blvd, Chesopean Trail, Inlynnview, Wolfsnare Rd and Kenstock)

NOTE: Evening activity buses will depart from the back of the building daily at 6:10pm Aug. 21 - Sept. 6. Beginning Sept. 9, buses will depart at 5:40PM for the remainder of the Fall season.