The National Junior Honor Society is an organization that recognizes students and promotes the five pillars of scholarship, character, citizenship, leadership, and service. Grade point average and class schedule can make you an eligible candidate under the pillar of scholarship. Applicants should also provide verification of any leadership role during enrollment in middle school and a minimum of two hours of participation in a service project within the school or the community. Other requirements include demonstration of wholesome character and good citizenship both in and out of school via teacher or sponsor recommendation.  Email Jane Julian with any questions.  

NJHS Frequently Asked Questions

PURPOSE:  What is the purpose of the National Junior Honor Society?

The object of the GNMS Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, promote leadership and service, and encourage the development of character and citizenship in all Great Neck Middle School students.

ELIGIBILITY:  Who is eligible to apply for membership in the National Junior Honor Society?

Grade 7 and Grade 8 students must have been in attendance for a period equivalent to one semester at GNMS or in  another Virginia Beach public school.  For selection in the NJHS, students must first meet the academic requirement.  Students will then have the opportunity to provide evidence of service to the community, leadership in the school or community, and recommendations of high moral character and outstanding citizenship.                          

SCHOLASTIC ELIGIBILITY:  What is the GPA requirement to apply for membership?

Students enrolled in regular or advanced classes in Grades 7 and 8 with a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.60 (not rounded) for the first two marking periods meet academic eligibility standards for the GNMS Chapter.

On page 10 in your student planner, the grading scale provides point values for letter grades.  Use your first semester report card grades to convert letters to points.  To determine your GPA, calculate the total points for the semester, and divide that total by the number of semester grades.

SERVICE REQUIREMENT:  What activities would qualify for the service requirement?

A characteristic of an NJHS member is to give selflessly for the benefit of others.  Students applying for membership should have evidence of at least two hours of participation in a service project within school or the community during the current school year and/or summer leading to the current school year.  To qualify the student should not be the recipient of benefit from the project (for example, Boy Scouts having a car wash to raise money for their troop).  Rather, students may, independently or as a member of an organization, perform acts of service that benefit others outside their own affiliation.  Examples would include participating as an active member of a Relay for Life team, volunteering at the SPCA by cleaning cages, or organizing clothing donations for a homeless shelter. Donating money or items to a charity does not meet the requirement—donating time is the important piece of true service.  Participation must be verified by an official representative of the service group.  Parental signatures verifying service activities will not be accepted.

Students who are accepted into the Society will be required to complete a minimum of five community service hours each semester.   NJHS and other school clubs will offer opportunities for students to meet part of this requirement.  Students should expect to complete at least half of their service project hours outside GNMS-sponsored events.

LEADERSHIP IMPERATIVE:  How does a student demonstrate leadership?

Student leaders stand out from their peers by setting an example for others to follow in school or in the community.  This trait is often demonstrated by a student being selected by peers to lead a group, team, or class.  Examples of student leaders would include sports team captains, school club executive board members, homeroom representatives, religious small group leaders, and service project group coordinators, to name a few.  While not required to apply for membership, it is encouraged students provide evidence of one leadership role during enrollment in middle school, verified by an adult leader of the organization cited.

CHARACTER:  What are the expectations for candidates regarding character? 

A student of character demonstrates qualities of honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility, fairness, and compassion.  The student does the right thing even without observation by others because the student is not motivated by a need for recognition.  Teachers, coaches, and sponsors will be asked to report on behalf of the applicant.  Staff comments will remain confidential and will not be shared with students or parents.

CITIZENSHIP:  What behaviors constitute a good citizen?

A student who is a good citizen is an active, caring member of the school community.  Students should consistently participate in school and community extracurricular activities.  Good citizens also contribute positively in the classroom learning environment and to other school organizations.  They demonstrate the utmost respect for Great Neck Middle School and all its citizens.  As an applicant, you will have the opportunity to share the extent of your school involvement.  Teachers, coaches, and sponsors will contribute feedback on your level and quality of citizenship.  Staff comments will remain confidential and will not be shared with students or parents.

CANDIDATE NOTIFICATION:  When will I know if I am eligible to apply for membership?

After the first semester during homeroom, candidate forms will be delivered to seventh and eighth grade students who meet the scholastic eligibility requirements.  This form provides students the opportunity to showcase their involvement in school and community activities along with any leadership positions held.  Candidates will be able to document an outstanding record of conduct or demonstrate growth to compensate for previous disciplinary actions.  Members are selected based on their level of scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship, and character as a whole.  

INDUCTION PROCESS:  When will I know if I am selected for membership?

After candidate forms have been reviewed by the NJHS Faculty Council, those students selected for membership will be notified during a traditional  ceremony during the school day.  Parents will be notified in writing of the selection decision.  There will be an informational meeting concerning details of the formal ceremony for those students who will be inducted as new members.

MEMBERSHIP OBLIGATIONS:  What will be expected of me as a member of NJHS?

Members are expected to maintain the standards for initial selection.  If a member’s GPA falls below 3.60 (not rounded), the membership will be placed on probation. The student will have the next nine-week grading period to meet the GPA requirement. Parents will be notified if a student’s membership enters probation.  If a member cannot raise the GPA, the individual may be considered for dismissal.  In the case of a school disciplinary violation which results in ISS or OSS, a member will not be warned before dismissal.

Members of NJHS are expected to participate in chapter activities, NJHS service projects, assist with duties, and attend meetings.  All of these are necessary for membership in the organization.  Plan to participate in NJHS events over the course of the school year.  There will be at least one general membership meeting each quarter and board meetings as needed.  Students may not miss more than one meeting.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES:  What kind of activities and events does NJHS sponsor?

The GNMS Chapter of NJHS conducts various service projects throughout the school year.  For example, the Great Neck NJHS has coordinated a food drive for the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia, volunteered at various elementary school functions, made crafts and delivered items for children in crisis, and volunteered hours in the concession stand during home basketball and wrestling events.  Members have an opportunity to suggest Society service projects during all our meetings.  

OFFICERS:  Are there officers in NJHS?  How and when are they chosen?

The officers of the GNMS Chapter of NJHS are elected by a majority of votes cast during the first regular meeting of the year.